Second rename command in Total Commander

I use Total Commander to manage my files. I find it invaluable. Today, I accidentally discovered a great feature it has which I was not aware of.

One of the nuisances of renaming a file is to remember to keep the extension, since when I enter the “inplace rename” mode, the entire filename can be edited, including the extension.

I just noticed that when I repeat the command that starts the “inplace rename” mode, only the filename without the extension is selected, which makes it very handy to rename the file while keeping the extension.

From my tests, this only works if you use the keyboard shortcut to start the “inplace rename” mode. By default it is Shift-F6. In my configuration, F2 also does the same thing, to be compatible with Windows Explorer. However, other methods to enter the “inplace rename” mode, such as clicking the report name twice or using File menu -> Basic File Handling -> Rename (Inline) doesn’t have this effect.

Searching some more, I noticed this is explicitly mentioned in the online help, in the “F6: Rename / Move” topic. It also mention another nice feature:

When renaming a ZIP file to an EXE file, Total Commander will ask if you want to create a self extracting ZIP archive. If you choose ‘yes’, the EXE file will be converted.


2 Responses to “Second rename command in Total Commander”

  1. Sambit nayak Says:

    I want to rename a zip file.Is it possible without uzipping the flie.

  2. splintor Says:

    @Sambit: Yes, why not? Just select the file you want to rename and type Shift-F6.

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