Don’t forget to go over those TODO before releasing…

I’m looking for an online backup solution for my (and my wife’s) documents. At first I thought Gspace will do the trick, but it only runs as part of Firefox and doesn’t know how to do background backups, so I’ll probably go with Mozy, which looks promising. Of course, my main concern in picking a backup provider, apart from price, is its reliability, so it won’t just disappear one day, and this make Gmail a major candidate, but I guess Mozy is also safe, as I hear a lot of people recommending it.

However, during the test, I inspected Xdrive, which looked nice, but it appears it doesn’t really support Hebrew filenames very well, which is quite crucial, so this one is no longer an option. However, due to my laziness, I haven’t uninstalled it yet.

Today I saw the Xdrive icon is in my system tray, and wanted to stop it. Since it didn’t have menu item or a command to stop it, I went to Process Explorer. I saw that it had two process related to it: XdriveService.exe and XdriveTray.exe. Then I noticed the process description and company name of XdriveTray.exe – TODO: <File description> and TODO: <Company name>. Oops. I guess the developers forgot to change that in the resource file created by their IDE…


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