XAML Spy Setup Wizard ended prematurely [Solved]

I use XAML Spy and like it. It has monthly update releases. When I tried to install the July update, the setup ended with the message:

XAML Spy Setup Wizard ended prematurely


I couldn’t find anyone talking about it on the net, but searching for “setup wizard ended prematurely” led me to this MSDN forum question, which gave me the idea to run msiexec with logs – msiexec /i <path_to_msi> /L*V <path_to_log>

Once I did it and inspected the generated log, I noticed that the installation failed when trying to set firewall exception (ExecFirewallExceptions:  Error 0x800706d9). A quick check revealed that my Windows Firewall service was disabled – I have no idea why. I enabled it and started it and run the XAML Spy setup again, and this time it run successfully to the end.

I hope this might be useful to anyone else running into the same problem and searching for a solution. Maybe XAML Spy developers will also read it and improve the installation to give better error message in such case.

Edit: This is now added to the XAML Spy troubleshooting page.

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